Probiotics for the endurance athletes

Two recent reviews showed the beneficial effects of lactobacilli and bifidobacteria in the reduction of upper respiratory and gastrointestinal symptoms in endurance athletes. These benefits may play a role in performance and exercise recovery. The effects are dependent on the probiotic strain, dose, supplementation period and form of administration (capsules, sachets, functional foods).

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1. Leite GSF et al. Probiotics and sports: is it a new magic bullet? Nutrition 2019; 60: 152-160
2. Vitale K and Getzin A. Nutrition and Supplement Update for the Endurance Athlete: Review and Recommendations. Nutrients 2019; 11(6), 1289

Our latest intervention study with marathon runners showed that four weeks of supplementation with Lab4 probiotics reduced the incidence and severity of gastrointestinal symptoms prior to and during a marathon race. The runners supplemented with Lab4 probiotics maintained their running speed during the latter stages of the race.
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Link: View the Study

Pugh JN et al. Four weeks of probiotic supplementation reduces GI symptoms during a marathon race. European Journal of Applied Physiology 2019; 119 (7): 1491-1501

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