Lab4 by Cultech offers a full range of products and services to existing and potential customers, from bulk powders to contract manufacturing to individual product manufacture as private label or using our ProVen Biotics brand in your marketplace.

We work with companies who are either looking to sell our ProVen Biotics brand in their own domestic market or to take the Lab4 probiotics as part of their own label range. We offer a wide range of formulations and can adapt any of the ProVen Biotics range to suit your market or can develop new formulations specifically for you. The wide range of formulations means that we have products that are suitable for both healthcare practitioners (including doctors, nutritional therapists and other health professionals) and the general public.


We are also excited to announce our brand new in-house fermentation plant specifically designed for our Lab4 strains – high quality probiotic strains, harvested and freeze-dried in our proprietary controlled environment to ensure purity, stability and viability.
Lab4 by Cultech has enhanced its manufacturing capability with new in-house fermentation plant specifically designed for the LAB4 strains. This in-house facility ensures production of high quality probiotic strains, harvested and freeze-dried in a controlled environment whilst ensuring purity, stability and viability.


We will manage production of your products from start to finish, to your specification, at our cGMP state-of-the-art facility in the UK, using our propriety manufacturing processes and unique strains of probiotics combined with other ingredients selected by you.


We manufacture three proprietary probiotics consortia, known as Lab4, Lab4B, Lab4P and Lab4S, which are backed by more than 30 years of research and we are able to offer these as stand-alone blends or in custom blends to match customer requirements.


ProVen Biotics is our in-house brand, which is currently sold in the UK and a large number of other markets around the world. We are always on the look-out for new partners to distribute ProVen in other countries and will work with you to identify the right products for your marketplace and customers.


We will work in partnership with you to develop products designed to your specifications, using your brand and your imagery – choose from our pre-existing formulations or design your own – in your choice of dosage and packaging formats.

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