We operate our own ProVen Biotics brand in the UK and a number of other countries around the world and we offer this as a ready-made brand and/or product range for potential customers.

The brand name is ProVen Biotics and it is already sold in the following marketplaces worldwide:

Bosnia – China – Cyprus – Hong Kong – Ireland – Macedonia – Malta – Netherlands – Norway – Portugal – Slovakia – Slovenia – South Africa – South Korea –  Spain – Sweden – UAE- UK – USA

This list is growing all the time – we are currently in discussions with organisations in a number of different countries and we are open to discussions with potential partners re launching our existing product range and/or products designed for your individual marketplace.

About ProVen Biotics

There are currently 24 ProVen Biotics products sold in the UK (our ‘home’ marketplace) and they are suited to all lifestages and a variety of different needs.
They include products for pregnancy, babies, toddlers, children, adults, elders, women, travel, immunity, digestion, antibiotics and weight loss – you can select any of our existing formulations for your market and we are able to offer a quick turnaround.
Our manufacturing capability also allows us to produce bespoke combination products for individual organisations using the ProVen Biotics brand – combining our Lab4 probiotics blends with other probiotic strains, vitamins, minerals, protein powders and other nutrients to develop bespoke products for your target market under the ProVen brand.

Benefits of using the ProVen Biotics brand

Access to the most advanced evidence-based probiotic range globally

A wide range of ‘tried and tested’ off-the-shelf product options

Existing experience of a wide range of different markets worldwide

Rapid entry into the market(s) of your choice anywhere in the world

Ready-made acclaimed package designs and artwork

Potential for exclusivity and brand partnership

Find out more about the ProVen Biotics brand and existing product range at our UK website www.provenbiotics.uk

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