Daryn Michael

Dr Daryn Michael

Senior Research Manager

Daryn is an expert in molecular cell biology and began his Cultech career in 2012 after completing his undergraduate studies and a number of postdoctoral research positions at Cardiff University working on the identification of molecular targets for the prevention of atherosclerosis. He is now the senior researcher in Cultech’s R&D team and endeavours to guide their research into new and exciting areas.

Daryn focuses on the development of in vitro experimental host models that can be used as reliable tools to assess the efficacy of Cultech’s nutritional supplements. This has resulted in a number of peer-reviewed scientific publications in the fields of atherosclerosis, cholesterol metabolism and immunity in collaboration with Cardiff University, Swansea University and Imperial College London.

Daryn applies an enthusiastic approach to the company’s research based on his recognition of the impact of nutritional supplementation, particularly probiotics, on human health and his belief in Cultech’s products.

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